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Prayers for Troubled Times and thoughts about 09/11/2001

(content added 10/23/2001)

I am an American

I was glued to the television yesterday...watching the events that transpired. My thought over and over was "I can only hope something good comes of all this pain and agony". What that could be, I do not know.

We had Reiki Healing Share last night...a time when my students are welcome to come share healing. Many people had decided to stay home to be with family or join to their community worship services. For the few gathered I thought I would share a few prayers - and opened up Marianne Williamson's "Illuminata". The book opened to the very page that I was searching for, the section entitled "Hatred in America". I modified the prayers I found for more inclusive language and I want to share it here with you now. I will add more prayers and thoughts as the days go by.

Dear God/Goddess/Source
Please remove from my mind the tendency to judge.
Please remove from my mind the tendency to hate.
Please remove from my mind the tendency to blame.
Please reveal to me, a way to stand in my power, through love instead of fear, and through peace instead of violence.
May I hear not the voice for anger, but only the voice for love.
And teach me how not to hate those who hate me.
Transform all darkness into light,
and use my mind as an instrument of Your harmlessness.
I surrender to You my thoughts of violence.
Take these thoughts and wash them clean

Also from the same book, on page 228 the "Prayer for America"

Dear God/Goddess/Source
We join in prayer to celebrate this nation and surrender its destiny to You.
We give thanks in our hearts for the founding of this country.
We give thanks for and bless the souls of those who came before us to found this nation, to nurture and to save it.
We ask that Your Spirit now fill our hearts with righteousness.
May we play our parts in the healing and the furtherance of our country.
May we be cleansed of all destructive thoughts.
May judgement of others, bigotry, racism, and intolerance be washed clean from our hearts.
May our minds be filled with thoughts of You.
Your unconditional love and your acceptance of all people.
May this nation be forgiven its transgressions, against all of the people we have transgressed.
May our lives be turned into instruments of resurrection, that the sins of our ancestors might be reversed through us.
May the beauty and the greatnes of this land burst forth once more in the hearts of its people.
May the dreams of our ancestors be realized in us, that we might live in honesty and integrity and excellence with our neighbors.
May this country once again become a light unto the nations of hope and goodness and peace and freedom.
May violence and darkness be cast out of our midst.
May hatred no longer find fertile ground in which to grow here.
May all of us feel Your grace upon us.
Reignite the spirit of truth in our hearts.
May our nation be given a new light, the sacred, fire that once shone so bright from shore to shore.
May we be repaired.
May we be forgiven.
May our children be blessed.
May we be renewed.
Dear God/Goddess/Source, please bless America.

William-Thomas and I are a big fan of Gregg Braden and his work; here are some of his words:

Letter to God

Dear God,

In this time of great tragedy, we give thanks for the courage within our leaders to recognize the difference between the anger in their minds, the wisdom of their hearts and the courage to act wisely in their choices.

May each leader have the strength to act for the good of all people, in all nations and our collective future as a global family.

Through this prayer we claim that peace, democracy and human life are stronger and more enduring than the buildings that symbolize them. We breathe life into their existence from the dust of hate that is transformed by our soil.

For these blessings in our lives, we give thanks,


I think you can see that I think and feel that this is a time for us, as a country to "get it"...that violence always begets violence. We need to turn our thoughts toward the security and strengthing of our country through Peace and non-violent confrontation. There are many people in the world that hate us. I don't know if we can change their minds...but I do feel very strongly that to punish or blame or kill...that just isn't a good way to make friends. I think this a test for us as a country and as humans as a whole. Will we pass the test?

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I encourage you to share your feelings by contacting me

In Love, Light and Healing...
Rev. Susan H. Aguirre

I am an American

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