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The Aquarian Rosary

I thought I would share with you a recent personal experience I have had regarding the use of the Rosary. This is a long story, hopefully you will find it to be of benefit to you.

I was born and raised in the Catholic church. My mother and father are spiritual people, with their families being very strong Catholics. I come from a large family and by the time I was born mom and dad couldn't afford to send us all to parochial school. I did, however, attend the usual church training to prepare me for communion and confession and confirmation. I don't recall ever receiving any instruction in the use of the rosary but I remember being very drawn to it's use. I was always mesmerized whenever I experienced being in church during the saying of a rosary.

Skipping ahead to recent times I had not given my former fascination with the rosary much thought until April, 1997. While attending a conference hosted by the University of the 7 Rays I felt compelled to purchase the book, "The Aquarian Rosary: Reviving The Art of Mantra Yoga", by Rev. Carol E. Parrish-Harra, Ph.D. I had to "talk" myself into buying the book because I didn't quite know why I needed it at this particular stage of my life. The thought of using the rosary didn't quite fit into any of my current spiritual practices. Because I listen to those subtle messages that spirit sometimes gives, I acted on faith, "knowing" that I would find out later why I needed this particular book.

During the conference I heard Rev. Carol Parrish-Harra speak and although I was quite impressed with what she had to say, I didn't feel a strong desire to "do" anything with the book or the rosary. Soon after I returned from the conference one of my close friends began seeking out religious instruction from a local Catholic church. Remembering the book, I loaned it to her thinking that I had finally found the "reason" for the purchase. She read the book, found it interesting and returned it to me. I promptly put it back into my large book collection where it remained somewhat forgotten until a month or so ago.

Some of you who are reading this may know that I am an avid beader. I have a small beading page where I display some of my creations. These last 2 years have brought forth a tremendous desire to create beaded objects. I hadn't quite understood why this particular obsession has taken hold of my thoughts until just recently. To backtrack, I had originally learned beadwork about the time I was finding that my family's particular faith/religion was not quite for me (nor I for it). I learned some simple beading techniques from a then close-friend's grandfather. This childhood friend helped me journey to another kind of spirituality and exposed me to a different kind of family structure, expanding my world view through her relative's experiences in recovery issues, etc. I can trace so many of my internal spiritual changes through my connection to this particular friend. But like my connection to the Catholic church and the rosary, my friendship with this young woman was set-aside.

To get back to beading...through a listserv beading group a woman asked some questions about the rosary and how one would go about making it. My interest was aroused, and I went on a web search frenzy for any helpful articles on creating rosaries, the "saying" of a rosary, it's religious and spiritual significance, etc. I then remembered that book I had purchased and felt strongly compelled to read it so I could share the information with my beading friends. My web frenzy became a rosary frenzy and I became almost obsessed with the need to create one for myself. Before I had taken the time to read the book, I was already planning my bead purchases for several rosaries and I had convinced William-Thomas to hear me out on why the rosary was so important right now.

So many things just fell together...I had a bead catalog open, musing to myself and William-Thomas that I wanted to make a purple rosary - no other color would "do"; I set my catalog aside and began to read this sentence from the book:

The Cosmic Mother is working on the purple transmuting vibration to heal the subconscious of humanity...

I yipped aloud, startling William-Thomas and then picked up my purple pen which was conveniently located by my hand and promptly underlined the passage in the book. Already I had felt other seemingly unconnected urges coming together through some of the passages of the book. I now understood why I had felt so strongly about Kwan Yin for the last 8 years, realized why my recent participation in a class about Isis was so important, I saw words in the book reflect my connection to transformation, transmutation and transfiguration. I also felt my connection to The Christ go up a notch in intensity. The reason for my connection to the 7 Ray Institute and the University of the 7 Rays (through William-Thomas) and it's teachings finally fell into place. My workings with The Great Invocation also fell in line, along with a deeper appreciation for the original wording (more on that later). Gregg Braden's wonderful messages throughout his two books "Awakening to Zero Point: The Collective Initiation" and "Walking Between the Worlds : The Science of Compassion" also fell into place (another recent obsession of both William-Thomas and mine). These two books pull together some of my original beliefs and connections to the Essene traditions, and the Cosmic Christ. I have also found my reason for why the eastern practices of mantras and using the mudra felt like a strong connections but were somehow just not "right" for me...I needed the western flavor, the rosary. My recent re-awakenings to out-of-body travel are also tied up in this story.

Can you "see" why I am so excited about the Aquarian Rosary? This recent experience has brought so many seemingly separate beliefs together in a very powerful way. Before I go into further detail of these beliefs, I want to share with you some basic information about the rosary, it's traditional use and the different meaning in the Aquarian Rosary.

Basically, the rosary is a devotional tool that helps one count prayers. The eastern practice of the saying of mantras and using the mudra are related to the rosary - same intent, different prayers and numbers. The Catholic religion has a strong connection to the divine Cosmic feminine through its practice of the rosary. The traditional full rosary tells the story of Christ and invokes the Virgin Mary's energy through repetition of the prayer "Hail Mary". A complete rosary is three trips around the full circle of beads that make up the rosary tool. In its traditional use, the prayers of "The Nicene Creed", "Hail Mary", "Our Father", "Glory Be" and other meditations describing the joyful, sorrowful and glorious mysteries are used. In the Aquarian Rosary, these prayers are re-worked, altered for a less judgmental and guilt involved language and brought into the Aquarian age through use of The Great Invocation and other meditations from the teachings of The Seven Ray Institute and the writings of Alice A. Bailey.

Back to my personal saga...it is somewhat hard to describe here how all of these happenings and beliefs have come to be in my life. Perhaps I can just share some short descriptive reflections so you can see how intertwined and complete they have become through this connection to the rosary:

My childhood friend connected me to her grandfather, Horace Goodhue, Horace Goodhue taught me beading. My childhood friend was my first encounter with a divorced family and also to issues of recovery (drugs and alcohol). Her family's move to Pendleton, Oregon and my visiting her during 2 summers connects back to Native American spirituality and my first step in leaving my childhood religion to experiencing other Christian traditions. I also recognized my strong connection to my Mexican heritage through working through other people's assuming I was of Native American descent. Native American spirituality exposed me to earth based spirituality (pagan beliefs) and this was connected to my strong "knowing" of things pagan before I had even studied them as a young adult. My Christ Consciousness connection happened during this time, and was built upon through my numerous religious dabblings (even the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints/Mormons). Years later I dove into the following subjects: Tarot, Qabalah, The Golden Dawn tradition and magick, basic symbology, simple numerology, Astrology, the connection to the divine Feminine/Goddess which leads me back to earth-based traditions, which re-connects to NA beliefs. Exposure to channelled works by Jane Roberts/Seth. Experience in out-of-body travels that connects me back to Jane Roberts/Seth through the writings of a former student of hers which are also connected to thoughts in "The Aquarian Rosary". Healing and using colors in healing, color therapy and using color in beadwork (earlier it was through quilting which ties back to my Mormon days) are all connected. The use of color in stained glass windows which leads me back to my Catholic upbringing and back to beading (glass beads which have always reminded me of stained glass.) Back to Horace Goodhue - after reconnecting to beadwork I realize he was an incredible beadwork artist and highly respected by the Native American community. The saying of the Rosary is connected to healing through of prayer, meditations and mantras. I have also had a strong desire to create healing beadwork through the use of prayer and intention which are aspects of the Rosary. William-Thomas introduced me to the teachings of the 7 Ray Institute and the writings of Alice A. Bailey and the prayer "The Great Invocation;" My struggle with the wording of that particular meditation/prayer led me to a seminar during the University of the 7 Rays Conference about the importance of the original wording due to numerology which leads me back to those earlier studies and also to reconnecting to the divine Feminine. A recent Woman's conference and exposure to a seminar on Isis reconnects to the divine feminine, which leads back to paganism, etc. I could go on and on and new connects occur to me as I write this out.

William-Thomas Wegner and I have already experienced some thoughts that came through during the use of the Aquarian Rosary structure. In particular, I have reconnected to some of my original New Age beliefs and can see how we as a group need to start putting some of the more simple spiritual practices in place. Some of these beliefs and practices may have appeared to be too advanced at the time of their introduction. Now, because there has been a re-awakening of the spiritual in so many people's lives, I feel the time is ripe to reintroduce these "older" teachings (such as the Aquarian Rosary, which was written in the late 80's). To support this thought, I have also noticed that New Age Magazine has carried topics such as the importance of prayer which we all know has been around a long time (smile). Humanity's interest in alternative healing practices and the use of prayer is a powerful subject in this age, and a particular passion of mine.

Finally, if you have found these thoughts even remotely interesting, I implore you to purchase the book by Rev. Parrish-Harra, which can be found through Amazon.com at .

I also invite you to see the rosary I created which is found on my beadwork page and be sure to check out my thoughts on The Great Invocation. Please also check out this other great website, Rosaries of Divine Union - full of heartfelt variations to the traditional rosary.

In Love, Light and Healing...
Rev. Susan H. Aguirre

I would love to hear your thoughts about what I have written here. Please feel free to contact me.

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