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Bio of William-Thomas Wegner

It is not about me: It's about time... it's about no time... it's about the now... where many are discovering the eternal now that is where past, present, and the probable future exists. If you are not one who believes in reincarnation I am not the Spiritual Counselor / Hypnotherapist for you. That specific belief is foundational to my work; my clients must have that as part of their belief system also. Why? Almost every client that I have worked with at some point realizes they need to experience a past life regression.

Shortly, after someone realizes I have a BA in physics they usually wonder out loud how I became interested in developing a Hypnotherapy practice that incorporates spirituality. I first begin to clarify their curiosity by advising them that hypnosis is a wakeful state of focused attention and heightened suggestibility, with diminished peripheral awareness. It has been measured and proven that is indeed an altered state of normal perception. An interesting fact to know is that most people slip in and out of trance many times throughout the day without any definitive cognitive awareness that had happened. I then reveal that one of the things that those who know for certain that they been in a hypnotic trance report upon is their distorted perception of time upon leaving trance and being aware of clock time.

I am happily involved being a Spiritual Counselor / Hypnotherapist for two reasons: (1) I believe I am here to be of service to others and (2) my interest in the concept of time and how it is perceived by others and me since I was a boy. When I began to initially investigate hypnotherapy I learned that when one is in trance that their perception of time does some strange things. Once I discovered that I became very interested in becoming a hypnotherapist.

Realize that the definition of physics is: The science that deals with matter, energy, motion, and force. When I went to high school and college physics courses utilize the MKS system of measurement, using as basic units of length, mass, and time - the meter, the kilogram, and the second. I began to study physics as soon as I was able to grasp the mathematical foundation needed for its understanding and haven't stopped since. I am privileged to be living at a time where the concept of time is being scrutinized and analyzed by some of the greatest minds that have ever lived. I get to savor the fruits of their efforts. That brings me great joy and satisfaction.

A short bio:
I was born August 26, 1948. Due to my curious nature and the call by the President in the 50s for scientists, I pursued an academic path that would lead me to eventually earning a BA in physics by drawing on my natural talents in science and math. While still in Junior High School I built a working Hydrogen-Oxygen Fuel Cell and in Senior High I built a pulsed ruby LASER. I attended Carthage College and in 1972 received a baccalaureate degree.

I became interested in Spiritual Counseling after having several near death experiences (NDEs). I am by no means proud that these four encounters with near death included two street drug poisonings and two hallucinogenic overdoses. Many books have been written on the workings of the mind of those who are addicted. When I first started using and abusing alcohol at the age of 13 I had no idea that my neural net wiring was genetically predisposed to traveling the road of addiction. I openly admit to being hardheaded while in the downward spiral where addiction takes one. It did take some very hard knocks from life during the next 10 years after my last NDE before I seriously addressed my addiction issues and sought treatment. All during that time I was usually employed; somehow I was able to function as a very proficient Sales Professional involved in High Tech sales.

After focusing on my own recovery for the first 5 years, I started giving back to my local recovering community through service work focused on carrying the message to the addict who still suffers. I gained a reputation as one who offered excellent 5th Step services in that recovering community, and eventual was elected as Chairman of the Board for the local Non-Profit Organization in that small WI County's alcohol and other drug abuse outreach program.

After arriving in Saint Paul in 1992, due to a territory change while employed as an Independent Manufacturer's Representative, I became interested in hypnotherapy as a modality to use in my expanding Spiritual Counseling practice that sprang out of my service work while in WI. I became extremely excited when I learned that other hypnotherapist were able to take people into the realm where we exist during our Lives Between Lives. I earned my LBLt (Life-Between-Life therapy) certification through the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists in September 2002. I describe my Therapeutic Clinical Model as using hypnotherapy modalities along with what I have designated Celestial Harmonics (Ref: www.celestialharmonics.com) and Reiki Infusion. My Doctorate in Metaphysics (MsD) is an honoraria granted after the submittal and acceptance of a dissertation after years of study on the connection of physics, metaphysics, and spirituality. As I am writing this biography I am currently working with a team at the University of MN updating Tanner's well-published physiological effects on the body when a trance state is induced.

Most of my life I have earned my livelihood as a High Tech Senior Sales Professional; that I had called my day job. The work I do that provides me most of my satisfaction is as a Hypnotherapist / Spiritual Counselor and occasionally using my knowledge of Esoteric Astrology as another tool in my therapist's tool bag to have available when occasionally in specific situations I believe it would be of help to my clients by either providing them a broader comprehension with respect to the work we're doing or would shorten the time involved in meeting the goals of our time together.

So... this bio is not about me - It is about you: The fact that you have spent time to read the words written above I want to emphasize that this isn't about me; it is about you. Ponder what is found above and in the remaining thousand words written below. If you find that you resonate with them please, by all means, continue reading through the remainder of The Reflectory's website. I avail myself to anyone who want to discuss this bio or anything found on this website as it relates to the work I do in being of service that is found in this website or anything found at celestialharmonics.com.

As Earth-Time continues moving forward, realize it was Einstein who postulated the malleability of space/time. That postulate has turned into realization for many at this point in time. For me when that door was opened to this realization was during my senior year in college upon my comprehension that subtle energy existed and it did not behave in a way that was totally understood by myself or other physicist at that time. That fact led to my interest in metaphysics. That was only after I realized metaphysics had some avenues of understanding pertaining to the malleability of Earth-Time that some had an understanding of many centuries ago. As I continued my study of metaphysics I began touching into and developed my own intuition.

It was about 15 years after that when a large gateway opened into how I view the world after I read and studied the works of David Joseph Bohm - a quantum physicist, Karl H. Pribram - a neurophysiologist, and Michael Coleman Talbot - who was the author of a number of books highlighting parallels between ancient mysticism and quantum mechanics. These three men arrived at the same conclusion independently: that reality has holographic properties. Having sold Lasers and made holograms early in my High Technology sales career I pursued the spiritual interpretations focusing on the use of Bohm's philosophical implications in creating one's reality. It was David Bohm who first proposed a cosmological order radically different from generally accepted conventions, which he expressed as a distinction between the implicate and explicate order, described in the book Wholeness and the Implicate Order (ISBN: 0-415-28979-3) that focused on his perception of the nature of reality which naturally includes the concept of time.

When it was written, most scientists refused to examine the ramifications of living in the implicate order. However, I have focused on living this perspective of reality and I have found that implied in doing so finds one in a life that is dedicated to Spirit. Implicit to that dedication is that part of one's responsibility of being here on Earth when alive and human is to be in service to community as well as being in service to oneself. The nature of reality for most begins as a journey attempting to comprehend the workings of their mind. But, what truly is one's mind? The Ancient Greek aphorism "Know yourself" was inscribed in the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi - The origin of this two word inscription has been attributed to at least six ancient Greek sages and one Greek poetess. I suggest those two words that have been examined for many years still remain elusive to most.

Initially, it was my interest in the nature of time that propelled me down the academic path that focused on physics. For me, I realized that my academic path and studies up to and after receiving my BA in Physics was related to something about time and how time is intricately woven into one's perception of their own reality. Years later I am thoroughly involved with how time is perceived while one is in a trance state and when one is not. That knowledge of how time works on the Earth-plane dove-tailed perfectly into a happenstance where I discovered I could learn more about the nature of time by learning how to take one into the Life-Between-Lives state.

I need to mention here that on my journey during this particular incarnation I was drawn to a particular weekend workshop in 1991 where Dr. Michael Robbins, Co-Founder and President of The University of the Seven Rays, suggested that I should be aware that I could more fully develop my intuitive talents and began focusing on doing so. This is where esoteric astrology had/has played such an important part in my life. By studying that subject that would naturally be based in esotericism one can't help but to develop and improve their innate intuitive talents. It has been by following of this continuing unfolding of my intuition that has lead me to where I am today. I advise all my clients that we all possess the potential to develop these talents; some to a greater degree than others, but each one of us has innate intuitional talents upon which they need to focus if we are to hone them into useful tools.

Dr. Robbins and the work of the Seven Ray Institute have been, like Bohm, Pribram, and Talbot, a significant influence in effectively guiding my growth and development. As a natural outgrowth of the utilization of energies that have been revealed and made available to me, I have honed my skills as a healer and brought this into my work. Over the years I have accumulated a large number of skill sets and access to many resources that I bring into my practice when I need to do so. As a practitioner of the intuitive arts, I do not rely on only one source or modality to effect changes in those clients who seek me out for help.

Early on I believed it was important to keep a down-to-earth approach to daily living. At this particular moment in time, as I am at my keyboard writing this for you, I reflect on the last 5 years and see the twists and turns I have taken on my path of life with a smile on my face. My continuing evolving Therapeutic Clinical Model is focused on time and now includes inter-dimensional travels heretofore unknown and unfamiliar to the mainstream. As that model continues to evolve I definitely plan on making my particular spin available to others as it pertains to this newly created modality of Spiritual Hypnotherapeutic Counseling.

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