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It needs to be said...unlike a lot of other website's links pages, the pages linked below are for people and businesses that we HIGHLY RECOMMEND because we use their products and services, believe in their information and ethics, or because they are people we know and trust.

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Animal Communication

Solomon's Ring... Holly is one of my Reiki students. She is a fantastic animal communicator and healer (Reiki, Equine Massage, etc.). Please visit her at her website home.

Hands Head and Heart for Horses... Kelly is a very gifted healer using equine massage, Reiki healer (animals & humans) and animal communicator. Please visit her at her website home.


Celestial Harmonics... soul centered (esoteric) Astrology with William-Thomas Wegner.

STARS... Society for Teaching, Astrological Research & Study, the Minnesota branch of NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research). We are a group of astrologers getting together to share and learn.

You decide if True Horoscopes are more accurate!... I am impressed by the content of the reports on this website.

AstroQab...A fantastic site for Esoteric Astrology, Qabalah, Ascension, and Theosophy by Patrick Mulcahy.

Esoteric Astrologer...commentaries on the science of esoteric astrology.

The Personal Astrologer - Planetary Workstation...fantastic 3D tool for displaying your chart. We saw this at a local metaphysical store, Metaphysical Emporium.


Free Healing

Reiki with Susan free distance Reiki healing.

Worldwide Prayer Treatment - a non denominational site.

The Distance Healing Network...The free Distance Healing site that inspired me to create one of my own. I was a volunteer with this fine organization for many years. If you are a healer, please consider volunteering!

World Ministry of Prayer...brought to you by the Science of Mind. WT and I subscribe to their monthly magazine and highly recommend it to anyone that believes in creating your own reality.

Healing Information & Treatments or Classes offered through:

Reiki with Susan Aguirre...Me!

The International Center for Reiki Training...A great site for information on Reiki, I received my Advanced and Masters training from this Reiki school.

Reiki Pages by Light and Adonea... Light and Adonea's website has a wealth of excellent information on Reiki - if you want to know something about Reiki, you will find it there.

Higher Realms...This is the website home of my student and friend Mary Scullen. She is a fantastic Reiki Master/Teacher & healer, spiritual counselor, minister.

Reiki Healing With Betty Lou Roy - Reiki Master/Teacher...Betty Lou is one of the many fine students that I have had the priviledge of training.

Andrea's Opus - Reiki Master/Teacher Andrea West's Reiki pages. Another one of my fine students.

Hands of Spirit - Reiki and other forms of healing and spiritual work with Brian Keller-Heikkila (Reiki student) and his wife, Willa.

Mysterious Mountain - Heather Rose Ryan teaches Shamballa Reiki in Bartlett, New Hampshire.

Halls of Reiki...good info on this site.

Gentle Illumination - Reiki from another fine student, LeJoy Rothe.

The Reiki Threshold...Rick Rivard's Reiki Pages. Great information about Tera Mai Reiki, etc.

EMF Balancing Technique®...I am a practitioner of this interesting energy system. I believe that EMF Balancing Technique® is way ahead of it's time. I am sure you will hear more and more about it as time passes. Be sure to check my pages out too.

Essential Wellness...St. Paul/Minneapolis area newspaper.

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Tarot for Transformation...readings with Susan Aguirre.

Santa Cruz School for Tarot and Qabalah Study...Founded by Amber Jayanti.

Aeclectic amazing site of decks, scans of decks, ratings and reviews. A must stop place before you make a Tarot deck purchase.

Builders of the Adytum...A Non-Profit Corporation based on the Mystical-Occult teachings and practices of the Qabalah and Tarot. Founded by Dr. Paul Foster Case.

Meditations, Reflections & Positive Thoughts

Science of Mind...Daily affirmations (archived). The Science of Mind has been doing affirmation and metaphysical material for a loooooong time...way before it was "in" ditto on the "create your own reality" teachings. Please visit this information packed site!

Emissary of Light...Peace Troubador James Twyman's page - a place to check for current Global Peace events. great place for World Peace Events using Real Audio and streaming video.

New Age Information

The a terrific free metaphysical newspaper here in St. Paul/Minneapolis, Minnesota. Be sure to look for it at Borders, Barnes & Noble bookstores, etc.

Channelled Material

the Kryon website...Kryon is a magnetic being channelled by Lee Carroll. Within the 5 channelled books and a fictional book (based on the Kryon teachings) are wonderful positive life messages.

Aurora Journal - Messages from Cassiopaea...If you are into channelled information ala Barbara Marciniak, check out this website. William-Thomas and I are on a mission to read every word...fascinating stuff and there is so much there! Not for the faint of heart, but certainly for those that are looking for Truth...Truth isn't always pretty.

Artists & Performers

Rachel one of my Reiki students. She is a very talented musician, performer, poet, songwriter and teacher. Please visit her website, or better yet, see a performance, or buy her CDs!

Good Causes, Please Help!

hunger site breast cancer child health literacy rainforest animal rescue
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Graphics & Utilities used for creating these pages

ann-s-thesia...Ann-S-Thesia is the place to go to get wonderful graphics that I have used in several sections of this website. You will find links to her site on the pages that use her graphics.

FUN things

Read and Release at What a great idea! We love to read books and are always recommending books to others. If you love to read and if you love to share, please check out this website!

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