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Living in the Moment, by Rev. Susan H. Aguirre

Life can be so wonderful! I believe that as we are approaching what Gregg Braden calls "The Zero Point" we are seeing how time compression and instant manifestation are taking place. I believe that instant manifestation happens best when we are living in the moment.

Even the smallest of events can show this to us. Here is an example of being open to the moment:

Just today (7/25/97) I was sitting down to watch a rented video. The movie previews came on and it was "off" --- the sound came in and out and the picture had a warp to it that couldn't be remedied by adjusting the tracking. I decided to take the video back to see if I could get another tape of the same movie so could watch it. As I was backing up out of my garage, I thought to myself that I had been spending a lot of time indoors. I was feeling pretty safe and insulated there...to the point of being a bit reluctant to venture out. I didn't feel any anger or frustration about having to return to the video store, just calm and open to whatever would happen to me. I went in, checked in with the video store employee to make sure what I was doing was okay...grabbed the other video and waited in line. The wait took a few minutes, so I was just looking around at the previously used videos that were for sale. I saw one by Louise L. Hay on "Receiving Prosperity" and it was only $2.99! So I purchased it and felt good about having to return to the video store. Just next door is the grocery store we shop at, so I decided to stop in and get the salad dressing and olives that we needed for dinner. Ran in, said "no" to the opportunity to buy flowers at a reduced price, but did say "yes" to purchasing both my salad dressing and olives at sale price.

Just to make sure you get what I am saying...I will ask this: Would I have been exposed to the opportunity to purchase the video had I not been hassled by returning a defective video? Probably not...I would have returned my videos to the quick drop-off slot, maybe not even going back in. I usually don't look at the videos for sale, so even if I had gone in another day to rent more videos that wouldn't have prompted me to see it.

Would I have been able to get the sale price on my items at the store? Probably, since I do shop pretty frequently. More importantly, what I wanted to show is that even if things are put in your path --- like the opportunity to buy flowers (which I love to do) doesn't mean you are "meant" to do it. We are meant to use our judgment, not just blindly do or take whatever is in our path.

Okay, so you may be saying..."but what if you had returned to the video store and nothing happened?" I still believe that there are subtle connections and when you live in the moment, it doesn't really matter if you get a positive "instant" response. Maybe I was meant to interact with the video store clerk on an energetic level...maybe I was meant to leave my home so that I would have that thought about being too insulated. Our living in the moment and either believing or knowing that everything is connected doesn't have to bring us instantaneous visible results.

Living in the moment allows me relax into listening to that small voice that prompts me to take an alternate route...without expecting to hear or know the reason why. Maybe I will hear on the radio traffic report about a traffic backup or an accident on my original route, maybe I don't. I just relax into my decision and allow whatever is to occur, to occur.

What I am trying to get at here is that living in the moment might not bring tremendously grand outcomes to your life, or maybe it will. I can say for sure that when you are free to experience whatever life brings you, then the "bad" or inconvenient things that happen don't get you down as much as they might have before.

In Love, Light and Healing...
Rev. Susan H. Aguirre

I would love to hear your thoughts about what I have written here. Please feel free to contact me.

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