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Talking to mySelf - Talking to the Universe

I talk to mySelf, out loud. Actually, I talk to everybody and anybody that will listen. Mind you, this isn't the senseless chattering of the nervous person who hates silence...my talking is important stuff to me.

I believe that we (humanity) are experiencing an important step in our evolution. This step is away from the child-like dependent nature of the newborn. We are (at least) to the stage of adolescent by now. Think about how teenagers act. They are sometimes moody, defiant, stubborn, full of "self". They are also generally defy traditional authority and rules that imply "just because I say so". These can be seen as negative qualities, but when we think about them in the context of development of Self - they are important steps to adulthood (which I see is being God/Goddess). It is important for us to take on those qualities if we are to grow. One of the steps from child to adult is our willingness to take chances, to try things out because we have a desire, dream or plan. We want to create life - we want to create ourSelf.

What we are doing when we manifest is co-creation. We (of course) understand that we are not the only ones in the Universe. We are small and seemingly insignificant but we are also important parts of God. Knowing that, we move from ASKING/imploring/passive prayer/passive hopes and dreams into TELLING/having a plan/experiencing...we move from WAITING to CREATING.

I want to share with you something really important about manifesting/creating. What you really need to manifest is a combination of 3 things:

  1. a plan/thought/intent (the mind)
  2. the feeling/emotions that come with them...the longing or desire you feel (the heart).
  3. The will or determination to make it so. That gut desire to create (solar plexus and/or 2nd chakra).

Manifesting by default (and usually negatively) - we have all done this. Think about it...we worry (mind) and have those awful thoughts that we visualize and feel over and over (heart/emotions)...the dread and the worry and anxiety that whatever we seemingly least desire is going to be, and then we even act like the awful thing has already happened (solar plexus and 2nd chakra)! Because we have use our 3 things - we manifest and our worst fears are realized. Manifesting with intent takes focus and practice but once you have these 3 things down you will be able to do this over and over again - almost like magic.

There is a certain "feeling" or vibration/energy that helps me to recognize when I am manifesting. The plan doesn't need to be anything fancy but it does need to be focused. The feeling/emotion content has to be "real" - a visualization or being able to see and feel the result(s). The Will needs to be strong because sometimes I have to "act as if" I have already manifested the end result in order to actually get the desired results...I have to be willing to do my part.

This is creation/manifesting but because we are not alone...we can always ask for help - co-creation. One of the best ways to do this is to "talk to ourSelf". Notice the capital "S"? That means that Self which is also higher Self or Soul. When I talk to mySelf out loud I am also including the "anybody who will listen" = my guides and teachers, ascended Masters, Angelic presences, my God/Goddess and any of my helpers. I am really talking to the Universe.

I could do this all within my head and heart - but I believe that doing it out loud makes my manifesting more of a sure thing. I am sure that you have experienced something like this...you have a hope/dream that you have been keeping to yourself for a long time. One day you are having lunch with a friend and you start talking about your dream in an excited way. Your friend adds suggestions and you both can see yourself having your dream, you may even devise a plan to help get you there. The next day comes and your "dream" becomes a reality! Magic! Speaking to the Self and Universe means that I am putting more energy - more intent into my manifestation/creation. I am not afraid to tell the world!

Lets just say that you have the 3 keys to manifesting firmly in place. Now you will want to "ask for help"...share your plan+desire+will with yourSelf/Universe...just speak it out loud - speak your heart. Share your dream in glorious detail - feel how it would feel to have what you desire and have the strong "it is mine" feeling. Ask for your guides and teachers - anybody you desire to involve - to help you "make it so". You might want to add the thought "if it is for my highest good and the highest good of all concerned". Then walk through your day knowing that you have done your part. You can repeat the process every day until you recognize the actual manifestation in your life, but sometimes all it takes is that one time. You will know how much is needed.

I use these techniques every day. I use them for every kind of mainifesting/co-creating:

  • the sublime: "Let all my words be of the highest nature - let me speak Truth...let all my actions be a part of my healing nature, let my home be a haven for Healing and unconditional Love."...I am seeing myself speak Truth and I am seeing those healing and loving energies coming from my self and my home, and because I intend it - desire it, see it, and ask for it - it is so!
  • The mundane (everyday needs and desires and realities) clients, appointments, money, etc....listen Universe and all my helpers, I desire/will to manifest x amount of money within x amount of time. I am open to this money coming to me from any positive avenue - my clients and friends, from my heart and hands or "gifts from the Universe". I will do my best to do my part - Thanks!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I encourage you to share your feelings by contacting me.

In Love, Light and Healing...
Rev. Susan H. Aguirre

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