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An Exercise in Dreams & Goals

One of the nice things about being a part of a healing community is when we get together and share our recent thoughts and experiences. William-Thomas and I are very fortunate in that our healing community includes our family. Just a few days ago, a family member shared an exercise he was given during a counseling session. I was so excited by this exercise that I started it without even registering an important element!

Although it appears simple at first glance (and it is, in regards to mechanics) don't underestimate the power of doing this. Okay, here it is:

If money were no object, what 20 things would you like to have accomplished in your life by the time of your death/transition?

Now wait! Before you go rushing off to compile your list you might want to consider these few hints...

  • This would be a great exercise to do as a couple, or as a group...you may want to keep your own list "secret" and then share once everybody involved is done. If you don't like secrets, perhaps you would like doing this exercise as a group...the fun will be in keeping your list to 20 items!
  • This is no time to be modest...be sure to get to your innermost longings, hopes and dreams and be sure to remember that money is no object!
  • I suggest keeping the list a list...that means no long drawn out and complicated thoughts. (This is the part that William-Thomas didn't "hear" - smile).
  • You might want to type this list up, or do something like recopying it to some nice paper. Make sure you date it and perhaps you would like to really give it some positive energy and commitment by signing it!
  • For those of you who are organizers and goal-setters, feel free to list them in order of importance...for those of you who shudder at that particular thought (I include myself here) - don't!
  • Last thought before I turn you loose on our lists...don't forget that your list is subject to your change in heart, thought and experiences. You might want to schedule taking the list out (if you don't already have plans to display it in a prominent spot in your home) and reviewing it for possible changes from time to time.

Okay, so now I will confess...my list contains some money things, because I didn't "hear" the part about money being no object...but I don't want to change my list yet, so here it is:

  • Write at least 1 book.
  • Be a published writer.
  • Be part of a "miraculous" healing.
  • Be present during a birth of a human baby.
  • Be present during a death - non-accidental.
  • Travel to Egypt and the pyramids.
  • Do conscious soul retrieval.
  • Be doing consistent and conscious Out of Body Experiences.
  • Be at a stable ideal weight. Updates on 1/7/02...I am on my way - losing weight and gaining strength!
  • Win a multi-million lottery, preferably 33 plus million.
  • Be a speaker for a national expo.
  • Own or rent a large Victorian house with a huge kitchen.
  • Become a certified Hypnotherapist - completed certification program 4/26/2001 & added Master level on 10/30/2001
  • Learn Karuna Reiki - completed in 1999
  • Be hired as a personal psychic consultant or personal healer on retainer.
  • Learn and practice Tai Chi or another form of meditative movement.
  • Be quoted in another person's best selling book.
  • Clear all karma.
  • Have a 100 percent soul connection.
  • Have a healing center.

Here is William-Thomas Wegner's list:

  • Begin by living each day of a God centered life with gratitude, joy and awareness that the universe is abundant and will provide for me to accomplish the remainder of this list.
  • Win the lottery by magnetizing it to us and take the "show on the road" in an Airstream RV after a visit to Hawaii.
  • After winning the lottery, help a dozen of my spiritual brothers and sisters start businesses that all become profitable and successful.
  • Be a well known counselor who helps others help themselves.
  • Visit the sacred sites around the world.
  • Visit famous New Age authors and organizations and start a new network of healing and education focused on "Be here now, be aware, be a vessel for spirit".
  • Become a famous lecturer on esoteric Astrology and metaphysics.
  • Live north in the summer and south in the winter in two nice Victorian homes with a third home in a wooded retreat.
  • Do out of body experiences when desired with ease.
  • Celebrate my 120th birthday while having excellent health in all my bodies at that time.
  • Play the flute well.
  • Produce a musical group that is spiritual in nature that has a choir doing its back up vocals.
  • Have a syndicated call-in radio show that shares the wisdom I have gained (without needing or using this as an avenue of ego fulfillment).
  • Channel consciously all of my soul-aspects in language that can be understood easily on earth and use this to teach others the nature of reality.
  • Have ease of access to the akashic records for doing readings for others.
  • Continue to live with Susan the remainder of my years on earth during this incarnation.
  • Own and fly a plane, helicopter or autogyro.
  • Be happy and fulfilled consistently. That requires healing and being healed as I grow in knowledge and wisdom.
  • Write an understandable book on the universal laws as they apply to earth and spiritually evolving humanity.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I would love hear about your lists. I encourage you to share your feelings by contacting me.

In Love, Light and Healing...
Rev. Susan H. Aguirre

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